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TimeClockServer - Time Clock Software from ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc
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24 October 2014

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This software will help manage time and attendance of employees.

TimeClockServer will run on your Intranet Server or Internet Web Server and let you handle employee access to punch in or out from their jobs. They will be able to do this from any location using a web browser. This software will let employees to do this from smart phones and other devices. This will let you completely eliminate paper based time and systems and save money. The tool will let you prevent any manipulations by employees or their honest mistakes. Because complete details are collected and readily available, payroll systems can make use of them without the need for any further intervention by anyone. Payroll processing mistakes are minimized. It is possible to install this piece of software on your local network. It could be installed on the Internet server too for access by employees worldwide.

TimeClockServer allows you to use a PC to record and report on employee work hours. Manual time card machines or your hand written time and attendance records can be completely eliminated. There will be no need to spend hours compiling your manual systems into a report to supply to your payroll department. The time data collected through this tool is going to be accurate down to seconds. The software is easy to use. It works through the browser so no user should have any problem using it. The controls are intuitive in any case. For the administrator, it shows you exactly who is clocked in and who is clocked out with color coded tags on the employee "time cards". There is a mailbox that shows when the employee has a message waiting. This is a very good tool.

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TimeClockServer - Time Clock Software from ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc. Easily track your employee's time with this easy to use time clock software. Installs for Internet/Intranet with no extra costs per seat or number of employees. Import and Export from PayWindow. No more managing hours by hand! No more spending half a day trying to add up the employee time and pulling your hair out because of messy employee cards that you can't decipher! Automation with our time clock software is the answer! The best thing about TimeClockServer is that it has full integration with PayWindow. That means full importing employee, company and departments data from PayWindow and pushing the employee hours direct into PayWindow each payday! The administrator interface of TimeClockServer gives you all the tools and power you need to set up and manage your employee time records. And for PayWindow users, it's as easy as clicking a few buttons to import your employees from PayWindow! And if you update any employees in PayWindow, simply re-import to refresh the data. The Employee forgets to clock out? You can edit the "time transactions" to easily fix problems like that. You can even add transactions such as Holiday hours if you have paid holidays, sick time if you pay sick time and even vacation hours. - Runs on your Internet or Intranet server or computer used as a server. - Employees can punch in using any web browser including smart phones and devices - Simple to use time card interface - Manages unlimited number of employees at no extra charge - When set up on an Internet Server, Employees can punch in from any location with Internet access - Interfaces with PayWindow Payroll and imports employees and exports time to PayWindow - Built-in message center with ability to broadcast to all from administrator - Uses time from your server so employees cannot tamper with computer time settings - Prints paper reports for those non-PayWindow users (not sure why you'd not use PayWindow).
Version 1.0.1
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